Material Introduction
Sufoner® ESD PEEK is antistatic, nano carbon fiber reinforced PEEK which shows an extraordinary mechanical strength, toughness, flexural strength, torsional strength, ESD PEEK exhibits excellent chemical resistance, very good dielectric properties,and temperature resistance up to +250℃ -260 ℃ and a very good resistance to all kinds of radiation. The static value is 10^6—10^9 .

Sufoner® ESD226, for the use which is static discharge was required, general testing purpose.

Sufoner® ESD366SC, an ideal microporous materials for the semiconductor industry, good for wafer transfer, and structural parts for wet process tools . Excellent electrical and mechanical properties, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, no powder drop, minimize contamination..

Sufoner® ESD/Antistatic PEEKStandard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Sufoner® ESD/Antistatic PEEK
Type Thickness(mm) Width × length (mm)
5mm to 20mm
1250mm x 1000mm
Antistatic value:10^6—10^9
Colors include: Black
Types: Rods, Plates

  • 1.Good static resistivity
    2.Very high mechanical strength
    3.Very high rigidity
    4.High thermal stability
    5.Very high dimensional stability
    6.Very high radiation resistance
    7.Very high hydrolysis resistance

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