Material Introduction
Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet also called UPGM203, it is a standard electric insulating materials with excellent arc resistance and superior heat resistance. This product is made of non-alkali glass fiber cutting board soaked into unsaturated polyester resin paste by heat pressing to rigid plate insulation material.

Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet
Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Ketonolic® GPO-3 Sheet
Thickness(mm) Width/Length(mm)
3mm-80mm 1250mm X 2500mm
1020mm X 2020mm
Name: Ketonolic® GPO-3 sheet
Colors include: Red, white
Types: Sheets

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GPO-3 sheet technical data sheet

  • GPO-3 Sheet Strength
    With superior compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, the material shows excellent mechanical properties even in different environments ( temperature, medium, humidity)under various roads (tensile, compression, bending, torsion, impact, alternating stress, etc)
    With superior casting resistance, cutting resistance, welding resistance, stamping resistance, heat treatment performance. With a special metal processing equipment can easily work out molding products.
    With stable dimension, the actual parameter value for thickness with very small variation, no need for further processing can accord with the requirements for thickness tolerance.
    With excellent stable mechanical properties even in the high humidity environment, can prevent the solid insulation material surface form a conductive path under the join action of electric field and electrolyte gradually.
    Resistant caused by high voltage arc metamorphism effectively.(more than 180s)
    With very high working temperature: when temperature over 240℃ will be deformation. The grade for heat resistance can be F or H.
    The materials for slow down, terminate or prevent flammability properties meet the requirements of American UL94 V-O; Not included halogen elements, with little smog in cause the material is lighted.
    With good hot mechanical properties, can keep an excellent mechanical and electrical properties even in the continuous rising temperature.
    With excellent Comparative Tracking index (CTI>600V)

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