Lasenic® ESD ABS

ABS is derived from acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, wherein acrylonitrile offers surface…

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Benlonate® ESD PC

PC is made up of polycarbonate which is the amorphous thermoplastic which offers…

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Lasenic® ESD PMMA

ESD PMMA sheetESD PMMA sheet is on the basis of acrylic, also namedESD perspex sheet…

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Lasenic® ESD PVC

PVC is made up from polyvinyl chloride which is the most widely used among all ethylene…

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Qunsail® ESD POM

ESD POM Acetal is renowned for outstanding hardness, mechanical strength and rigidity…

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Recalon® ESD PA6

ESD PA6 is the industry-proven engineering plastic that has the most extensive application…

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ESD UHMWPE is the perfect combination of remarkable properties from most materials…

>> Semolar® ESD UHMWPE

Ketonolic® ESD FR4/G10

We are ESD Fr4 manufacturer & provide,Whole ESD Black Fr4 Sheet with 10^6~10^9 Resistivity

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Ketonolic® ESD Bakelite

ESD Bakelite Sheets as Insulator Description Bakelite sheet,also called phenolic paper laminated

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